Smoke Detector Fire Alarm System Stable Detectors



Wireless 433 transmission, transmitting distance is about 150M.
Support for the two independent alarm, wireless transmission network alarm.
Whole buckling type patent structure, installation is simple, without debugging and wiring.
With exquisite design, beautiful shape, easy to absorb dust.
Apply adaptive technique, maintain the detection sensitivity and prolonging its service life.
The self test function, real-time detection of the internal circuit, ensure long-term stable operation.

Using ultra low power microcontroller + photoelectric principle technology, long standby life.
High performance photoelectric bidirectional scattering patented technology, stable, reliable and accurate.
When the battery voltage is lower than 6.8V, issued a prompt to remind users to replace the battery.
Rotary detachable cover design, convenient cleaning, replacement of batteries.



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